It is a frequently preferred in vitro fertilization application particularly in patient groups whose egg reserve is limited or very weak. Thanks to this treatment, the patient is able to hold the donor egg ready in reserve and evaluate the same treatment period in case of potential egg problems.

The expectant mother is taken into egg duplication operations for treatment. Within the same process, a person who has similar physical characteristics is put into treatment as a donor to donate her egg as a donor within the same process. In the in IVF procedure tests made, both the patient’s egg and the donor’s egg are separately followed and monitored. If the patient’s own embryos do not develop well, the donor’s embryo will be used. If a few well developed embryos occur, the success of pregnancy is increased by additional embryos.

Advantages of Tandem Cycle:

  • The patient gets a chance to be treated by her own egg for the last time before starting donation treatment.
  • The success obtained from the treatment increases because donor egg is used.