Sperm Donation at Cyprus North Cyprus IVF Centre

North Cyprus Sperm Donation Process
There are multiple reasons why couples choose to use donor sperm. If the male partner has an extremely low sperm count, Dr Firdevs will attempt to obtain a sperm sample using Micro TESE (microsurgical testicular extraction). Low sperm quality can also reduce the chances of successful IVF treatment in Cyprus, and for that reason, some couples choose to use donor sperm as an alternative. If you are using a sperm donor due to your male partner not having suitable sperm then we will match a photo of your partner to the best donor.

Sperm donation in Cyprus program has an extensive list of donors. You can also specify the characteristics that you desire in your sperm donor, and we can then choose the most suitable donor to meet your criteria.
Every 2 months, all of our sperm donors are tested for infectious diseases (Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG, HbsAg, VDRL) and they also have regular spermiograms to ensure the best quality donor sperm every time.

Cryos International
In addition to our own sperm donor database, Cyprus IVF Centre now works with Cryos International, which has the largest database of frozen sperm in the world. Cryos International has an incredible website with a huge amount of information available on all of the donors.
Previously, this database was only available to physicians and hospitals, which required us to choose your donor for you. However in 2009, Cryos International opened a new department specifically for private customers. This means that all of our Cyprus IVF Centre patients can now view the donor list,advise us which sperm donor they want to use and we will purchase that sperm on their behalf.
The donor list in the private department of Cryos International is available without a password, and you can view the donors with extended profiles, baby photos, staff impressions, and more.