Gender Selection in Cyprus

Family Balancing with Gender Selection
Gender selection in Cyprus provides couples an opportunity to balance their families or to have a baby boy or girl to make their lives complete. We fully understand the desire for couples to be able to choose the gender of their baby.

Once the in vitro fertilization procedure is complete and the embryos are available, by employing embryo biopsy, couples undergoing IVF in North Cyprus are given the opportunity to learn the gender of each embryo. This happens prior to the decision concerning which embryos shall be returned to the womb, and which shall be safely stored for a later date. Since the doctors are aware of the sex of an embryo while it remains in their care, measures will be taken to ensure that only embryos of a selected gender are returned to the womb.
Gender selection in Cyprus is becoming one of our most popular treatments. PGD process (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) which is used for this operation, is also used to screen the embryo for genetic diseases. For more information on PGD, please check PGD in Cyprus on our website.
For specific questions regarding gender selection, we suggest having a detailed discussion with one of our experts. As a first step, please feel free to complete our free Gender Selection Contact Form.

North Cyprus is one of the only countries in the world where sex selection (PGD) is legal. Dr. Firdevs is highly experienced in the techniques involved with the PGD process and we can help you have the healthy baby that you desire.
The PGD process requires you to be at Cyprus IVF Centre in North Cyprus for a total of 7 days if you do the monitoring and stimulation at home.
PGD is the only procedure where gender selection success rates are higher than 99.9%.
North Cyprus IVF – The number one country for sex selection.