PGD at Cyprus IVF Center helps to increase the efficiency for patients who suffer from preventing a hereditary disease in an offspring or who want to make balance in their family. A good place to start the process of family balancing is to contact Cyprus IVF Center’s and let Dr. Şevket Alptürk,Dr.Firdevs Uğuz Tip,Dr Savas Ozyigit,Dr Verda Tunçbilek use his efficient experiences through his treatment.This all changed when gender selection became clinically possible, and available.

Demand for gender selection has, ever since, been steadily increasing. We would like to underline that PGD is officially legal in Northern Cyprus. We would to tell you not to be worry because Cyprus IVF Center is legally and officially working within the acceptance of the government.

Cyprus IVF Center has a very high success rates and low cost in PGD around Northern Cyprus. Make your decission to balance your family by choosing Cyprus IVF Center in North Cyprus.

We are going to fulfill your desire of raising a child of the gender which you want to have. Make your decission to balance your family by choosing Cyprus İvf Centers

The procedure of determining the gender of the embryo (whether it a female or male) by studying the cell from the embryos (fertilized eggs) obtained with IVF treatment as a result of the technological progress, is called gender selection.

The couples who want to contribute to gender selection process should primarily start a IVF treatment. IVF treatment is started under doctors supervision. The a medicine on the 21st day of the periods of the expectant mother. Afterwards, within 8-10 days the induction is started by using needles with the aim of multiplying the egg cells on the 3rd day of her new periods. These needles are injected with variant doses as per the age of the expectant mother. The couples who decide to have a gender selection treatment will come into contact with their special doctors in their local area, or with the doctors we suggest; and will have the necessary arrangements done.

The induction may vary between 8 and 12 days on the average. By the time the egg cells achieve the intended size, the splitting needle is injected, and egg collection process in Cyprus within 35 hours (one and a half day) is scheduled.

Egg collection is a simple process without any pain. This process can be performed under light anesthesia, and may take approximately 30 minutes.
Gender Selection IVF in Cyprus

During the egg collection process, the sperm from the future father is taken and the eggs are changed into embryo by being fertilized using microinjection (ICSI). The growth of all the embryos is examined, and the gender determination is performed by the PGD ( Gender selection in north Cyprus ) method on the third day.

The transfer is performed accordingly to the desired gender two days after the gender selection process.

12 days following the transfer process, ßHCG test is performed in the blood and the pregnancy result is found out.

MICROSORT is now at Cyprus IVF Center

Gender Selection Treatments will give more guaranteed results by Microsort. Microsort is a method that takes the sperm sample and %80 separate out the girl from the boy sperm. This method will gives a guarantee for the couples who are looking for balancing their families to get the selected gender.

Some conditions catched via standart PGD are the following :

  • Chromosome X: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Fragile X Syndrome, and Turner’s Syndrome
  • Chromosome Y: Acute myeloidleukemia
  • Chromosome 13: Wilson Disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer
  • Chromosome 18: Pancreatic cancer, Niemann-Pick Disease
  • Chromosome 21: Down’s Syndrome

How does it work ?

  • Several eggs are extracted from the mother by our doctors, sperm is supplied by the father.
  • The father’s sperm is used to fertilize the mother’s eggs in our lab.
  • After 3 days, several 8-cell embryos will have developed.
  • Our doctor-scientist specialists examine the genetic makeup of the embryos, screening for both genetic diseases and desired gender.
  • Healthy embryos of the gender you desire are implanted in the mother.
  • Any additional healthy embryos may be cryo-frozen for future use.
  • Gestation and birth take place as normal.