Embryo Donation in Cyprus – Donor Embryo Procedure

The donor embryo procedure is necessary if there are problems with both the egg and sperm of the prospective parents. Cyprus IVF Centre have two different embryo processes: fresh and frozen.

Fresh Embryo
This procedure begins with the preparation of your chosen egg donor at Cyprus IVF Centre. The donor will be given various medications for approximately 10 days and once her eggs are of a good diameter, she will come to Cyprus ivf Centers and we will perform egg pick-up.On the same day as donor egg pick-up, your chosen male sperm donor will attend the hospital to provide his sperm sample. The sperm is then injected into all of the collected donor eggs using ICSI which guarantees fertilisation.
The embryos are left to divide and grow for up to 5 days when they will then be transferred to you. You only need to be in Cyprus for 3 days if you take the preparation medicine at home before you fly here for embryo transfer. At Cyprus IVF Centre, you can have up to three good quality embryos transferred.
If you want to combine your embryo donation with PGD sex selection then we can also arrange this prior to you coming to Cyprus.
Frozen Embryo
At Cyprus ivf, we also have the facility to freeze any embryos which are not transferred and you can return for them at a later date. The embryos can be frozen for a maximum of 2 years.
When you return for your frozen embryos, they are defrosted in the Cyprus ivf laboratory, which takes approximately 15 minutes, and they are then directly transferred to your womb.
If you carry out all the prior preparation in your home country then you will only need to stay in North Cyprus for 3 days.