Gamet and Embryo Donation

The Donation process is recommended for couples or single women without any chance of having a child naturally. The first being Embryo Donation this is when a couple is unable to produce good quality eggs and sperm. Embryo Donation can also be applied to couples who carry genetic diseases in their family and also Single women who are looking for egg and sperm donation.

How is it applied?

The Egg donor and sperm donor are carefully selected to match the couples selected characteristics. Egg donors are prepared and the eggs are fertilised, the resulting embryos are then transferred. The necessary tests are performed on all donors before any cycle they are prepared for.

How to match the donors?

The blood group of the couple are matched as well as certain characteristics, such as eye and hair colour, education, race, etc.

Sperm Bank (Donor)? Where can I get the sperm?

Our clinic does not accept sperm donors as Sperm donation carries very strict rules as well as many infectious and genetic disease tests must be performed on the donors in detail. Donors also undergo Psychological tests and the donor responsibilities must be carried out very carefully. This is why we only use accredited Sperm Banks.

Our clinic works with CRYOS sperm bank (www.cryos and they are located in Denmark.

The Cryos Sperm bank are able to send sperm samples with accredited certificates that has been approved by the health ministry department and the donors are selected according to the physical characteristics of sperm that is stored and has been used in accordance with the request.

Who can apply?

Couples do not produce eggs and sperm
Those with a genetic disease who do not have the possibility to conceive a healthy child; For example, do not have a chance to get healthy pregnancy with PGD
Not develop their own egg and the sperm quality embryos, with this method, there is no chance of pregnancy for couples
Women who have severe endometriosis, undergone infections or cancer of the ovary.
>Repeated IVF cycles that have failed.