10 Egg Guarantee

Due to increased demand from our patients for greater reassurance prior to treatment, Cyprus IVF Centre have now introduced a 10 egg guarantee. During every egg donation treatment, we aim to get between 15 and 20 eggs from our donors and so, although it is likely that you will get more than 10 eggs, we are now providing you with the guarantee of at least 10 eggs from your chosen donor to be used solely for your egg donation cycle. This is intended to provide you with the peace of mind that you need to feel comfortable about the treatment you are undertaking.

If 10 eggs can not be provided then Cyprus IVF Centre will provide a full fresh cycle free of charge. In the entire time that Cyprus IVF Centre has been open, we have never collected less than 10 eggs from one of our donor women and so we are confident in providing you with this guarantee.
Whenever possible, we will try and culture your embryos to 5 day blastocyst stage, free of charge, to give you the best possible chances of successful pregnancy.

Unlike clinics in Europe and even some other clinics in Cyprus, at Cyprus hospital we are willing to transfer 3 healthy embryos back to you regardless of your age. We do not discriminate against older women. We always try and achieve 3 excellent quality blastocyst embryos as this greatly increases your chances compared to having one or two embryos transferred.
The majority of our egg donation couples also have leftover embryos which are not used in transfer. These embryos can be frozen and used for further treatment with significant cost savings.