How long does gender selection treatment last? What does it involve?

Gender selection treatment will last for about 19 days, from the start of treatment until reaching the mother’s uterus. Couples seeking gender selection must choose a clinic that is reliable, experienced and reputable. Please contact us by phone or email and, ideally, come to our clinic for an examination (patients who are unable to come for the examination will be guided as necessary). You and your husband/partner must have some tests done before the treatment begins (hormone tests, semen analysis, if necessary uterine imaging). IVF treatment will begin on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. This will involve egg-developing injections from the abdomen. Although there is some variation between people, treatment will last about 7 to 12 days. Ultrasound imaging and blood tests will be required at certain intervals during this period. Once there is an adequate quality and quantity of eggs, a final egg maturing injection will be administered. 35-36 hours after this final injection, eggs will be collected under general anaesthesia with the help of ultrasound in about 5 to 10 minutes. You will have to come to the clinic for the egg collection procedure. You husband/partner’s sperm will be collected the same day to fertilise the eggs in laboratory conditions. Three days after fertilisation, a microscope-assisted cellular biopsy will be performed on the embryos, which by now have reached 6 to 8 cells. 1 or 2 cells will be collected to perform a genetic analysis. Gender selected embryos will be transferred to the mother’s uterus on the 5th day (5 days after egg collection). You just need to be in Cyprus on the days of egg collection and transfer.

Why is gender selection prohibited in Turkey?

Gender selection is prohibited in Turkey for certain ethical and religious reasons.

Is someone else’s sperm or egg used for gender selection?

Your sperm and egg will be analysed during gender selection. However, in some cases (see gamet and embryo donation), donor egg and/or sperm can be used if the couple wish to conceive with gender analysis but their own egg and sperm is unsuitable for use.

Is gender selection possible for the baby, which has been conceived naturally?

No, this is not possible. Timed sexual intercourse or the Chinese gender calendar do not have scientific grounds.

Can people with genetic or hereditary disease have children with gender selection?

It is possible for such people to get gender selection done, although there are differences depending on the hereditary disease. Actually, because the genetic analysis carried out for gender selection studies all chromosomes (not just the gender chromosome) it is possible to make sure that the embryo is healthy.

Is gender selection covered by any form of medical insurance/policy?

Unfortunately gender selection is not covered by any public or private insurance policy.

My eggs are of poor quality, could I still have a child with gender selection?

Poor egg quality does not prevent gender selection however good quality eggs yield good quality embryos and therefore increased chances of conception.

Will poor sperm count and motility in males lead to problems in gender selection?

Poor sperm count and motility is not an obstacle for gender selection. We are able to perform fertilisation with the microinjection method (ICSI) in laboratory conditions even if sperm count is low.

Which countries offer gender selection? Is it possible to determine gender precisely with other methods?

Although there are several (mostly scientifically proven) methods to determine gender before conception, the one and only method for precise gender selection is the combined IVF and PGD (genetic analysis) method.

What is Microsort?

Microsort uses fluorescent markers to separate embryos according to the gender chromosome (X or Y). Although it is possible to select sperm to yield the preferred gender, this is not enough for 100% success (rates are 91 for girls and 74% for boys).

What pain relief can I get after the egg collection procedure if necessary?

A mild pain killer can be taken if required

Will I have a general anesthetic or sedation during the Egg Collection procedure?

Yes you will be sedated for the procedure and not feel any pain. You may have some spotting and cramping afterwards though this is perfectly normal.

How many eggs can be expected on collection day?

The number of eggs collected depends on each individual patient’s fertility levels and ovarian reserve. The Ultrasound scan which Dr Verda will carry out on your first appointment will allow her to see how well your follicles have developed and be able to give you an indication then of how many eggs you are likely to produce. For example our donors being young and fertile will produce 10-20 eggs. In addition, the number of embryos created depends on how many eggs produced and the quality of the sperm used.

What will you be looking for (while monitoring) to decide when egg collection will be?

Ovarian response to the stimulation medication is monitored

What monitoring normally takes place during the stimulation phase of the treatment?

Dr Verda will prescribe the correct dose of stimulation medication for you from the results of the blood test and Antral follicle scan. At this stage she will also advise if a further scans or tests are required during the stimulation phase before coming to Cyprus.

Howlong after starting stimulation will egg collection be?

Ovulation induction may last for approx. 12 days.